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4 important parameters of cooling fan

Time: 2020-09-16

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4 important parameters of cooling fan

The specifications and models of the cooling fans are different, and their parameters are different, but the meanings of the parameters are the same. Let us follow Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. to understand what are the 4 important parameters of the cooling fan and what they mean!


important parameters of cooling fan

Fan air volume

Air volume describes the complete quantity of air discharged or taken in by the cooling fan per minute. If it is calculated in cubic feet, the air volume unit is CFM; if it is determined in cubic meters, it is CMM. The air volume unit frequently utilized by a cooling fan is CFM (regarding 0.028 cubic meters per minute). The air quantity is one of the most essential indicator to gauge the warmth dissipation ability of the cooling fan. The bigger the air quantity, the higher the air conditioning capability of the cooling fan.


parameters of cooling fan

Follower stress

Air quantity and air pressure are a set of equally restrictive parameters. Normally talking, the greater the atmospheric pressure, the lower the air volume, while the higher the air quantity, the lower the air pressure. For two cooling followers of the exact same design, one has a greater air volume than the other. One is larger, and also its wind stress should be lower than the other.


rate of the fan.

Fan rate describes the number of times the fan blade turns per min, and the device is rpm. The fan speed is figured out by the variety of turns of the coil in the motor, the operating voltage, the variety of follower blades, the inclination angle, the height, the diameter and the bearing system. Speed as well as fan high quality are not always related. The speed of the follower can be determined by the internal rate signal or on the surface.


cooling fan parameters

Follower sound.

Follower sound is connected to friction as well as air flow. The higher the fan speed and also the better the air volume, the greater the sound triggered, and the vibration of the follower itself is also an aspect that can not be ignored. Obviously, the vibration of a top quality follower will be really tiny, yet the first two are challenging to get over. To solve this trouble, we can try to make use of a larger follower. When the air quantity is the same, the functioning sound of the huge fan at a lower rate should be smaller sized than that of the tiny fan at a broadband. An additional variable that we quickly neglect is the bearing of the fan. As the fan rotates at a high speed, there is friction and also collision between the shaft as well as the bearing, so it is likewise a major source of follower noise.


parameters of cooling fan

The above 4 parameters of a high-quality cooling fan must be qualified. Customers also need to pay attention to these four parameters when purchasing cooling fans. According to these four parameters, they can purchase the required cooling fans, so that there will be no purchase errors and they can also find a suitable cooling fan.