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Advantages of water cooling fan

Time: 2020-09-09

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Advantages of water cooling fan

Computer cooling fans can be divided into two types: air-cooled and water-cooled. Compared with common air-cooled cooling fans, people who have not studied computers too much do not understand water-cooled cooling fans, but they all know that the price of water-cooled is much higher. What are the advantages of air-cooled and water-cooled cooling fans? Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. will explain the advantages of water cooling fan in detail.


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Advantages of water cooling fan:

1. The ultra-noise reduction water-cooling heat dissipation system software uses the refrigerant circulation system in the pump-type heat dissipation pipe and conducts heat dissipation. Part of the endothermic reaction on the radiator is used to digest and absorb heat from the CPU, north bridge, and discrete graphics card on the computer.


Part of the heat absorbed by the endothermic reaction is discharged to the outside of the server according to the radiator on the reverse side of the housing. In other words, the advantage of water cooling to dissipate heat is that it can transfer the heat to the radiator without increasing the temperature inside the case, instead of using liquid to cool computer components. If the cooling characteristics of the heat transferred from the radiator to the sewage radiating pipe in the air can be improved, the noise reduction design can be completed by reducing the fan speed ratio of the cooling radiator or using a fanless design.


Advantages of water cooling fan

2. Fast heat dissipation. Another important benefit of water cooling is that the liquid has a large thermal conductivity and slow heating, which is beneficial to the computer to ensure that it is not easy to damage the CPU in an emergency. After booting, the temperature slowly rises, and the air-cooled temperature quickly rises to a stable value, and when the CPU has large and medium-sized computing and other emergency events, the peak is likely to increase the temperature limit of the CPU in an instant. The water cooling can filter out this peak very well to ensure the safety of the CPU.


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