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Anti-corrosion measures for blower impeller

Time: 2020-09-08

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Anti-corrosion measures for blower impeller

When the blower is in use, the impeller of the blower is often corroded due to the working environment and the wear of its own parts. Corrosion of the impeller of the blower will not only reduce the defensive ability of the blower, but also reduce the performance of the blower. Therefore, anti-corrosion measures must be taken for the blower impeller.


blower impeller

The corrosive wear of the blower impeller is mainly the corrosion and stress corrosion caused by the corrosive gas in the conveying medium of the fan. The types of corrosion caused by different conveying media are also different. In order to prevent corrosion and impeller corrosion and wear, the following measures are usually adopted: select stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance as impeller material; coat or spray anticorrosive layer on the surface of the impeller and improve the surface quality of the impeller to solve the problem of corrosion and wear.


Impeller blades

The corrosion resistance spraying of the blower impeller includes surface thermal spraying and plasma spraying. The spraying materials include nickel and nickel alloy wire and powder; stainless steel wire and powder. Nickel and nickel alloy spray coatings have good corrosion resistance to hydrosulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrocyanic acid, hydrofluoric acid, acetic acid, ferrous sulfate solution and dry gas, but have good corrosion resistance to hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, potassium acetate, and sulfurous acid. And other media, the corrosion resistance is not good.


There are other methods for the corrosion resistance of the blower impeller, such as rubber anticorrosive coating, epoxy resin coating and so on. There are many wear-resistant and anti-corrosion methods for fan impellers. Due to the different operating conditions of the fan's operating system and the different manufacturing process methods of the impeller, the wear-resistant and anti-corrosion methods of fan impellers also vary from company to company.


Anti-corrosion blower impeller

At the same time, the material of the blower impeller is also very important. Choosing a high-quality blower impeller will greatly improve its corrosion resistance. To purchase a blower impeller with strong corrosion resistance, choose Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. We will recommend the best blower impeller for you according to the specific use environment of the blower, and sell it at a preferential price.