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Right now! Comprehensive understanding of cooling fans

Time: 2020-11-20

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Right now! Comprehensive understanding of cooling fans

When the fan is in use, some users will feel unable to deal with some of the problems of the cooling fan in use. It is very difficult to thoroughly research the cooling fan, but it is very necessary to master some basic common sense, especially It is the knowledge of several basic parameters of the cooling fan, such as flow rate, total pressure, speed and so on.


Let me first introduce some knowledge about the flow of the cooling fan.


Industry cooling fan specification

This is also one of the most frequently encountered problems by users. Under normal circumstances, different types of cooling fans will use different measurement units. Exhaust fans often use m3/h, while cooling fans are used to m3/min. No matter what measurement unit is used, you must know the flow of the cooling fan. The pressure on the cross section is different, the volume flow through each flow section will also be different. It is enough to understand these.


The cooling fan also has knowledge of total pressure, dynamic pressure, static pressure, etc., which have a direct impact on the process of users using the cooling fan. Wind pressure is generally the difference between the total pressure on the outlet section of the ventilating fan and the total pressure on the inlet section. The total pressure of the airflow at a certain point or section is equal to the difference between the dynamic pressure and the static pressure at that point or section. with.


Introduction to cooling fans

The static pressure of the cooling fan is the pressure difference between the absolute pressure and the atmospheric pressure at a certain point in the airflow or a certain point in the air-filled space. The pressure at this point is positive when it is higher than the atmospheric pressure, and negative when it is lower.


The pressure represented by the kinetic energy of the gas on the exit section of the cooling fan. Or dynamic pressure is the pressure required to accelerate a gas from zero velocity to a certain velocity. The dynamic pressure is directly proportional to the kinetic energy of the airflow. The dynamic pressure only acts on the direction of the airflow and is always positive. The calculation of dynamic pressure also has a certain formula. You can find relevant formula calculation methods in professional books and records.


Description of cooling fan

Dynamic pressure and static pressure directly affect the full pressure process of the cooling fan, so if you want to successfully master the full pressure, you must first do some necessary homework on the static pressure and dynamic pressure of the cooling fan. Only by understanding these can we know the principle of the dynamic pressure process of the cooling fan. This knowledge needs to be mastered and understood by the user of the cooling fan, and must not be easily ignored because of the cumbersome and complicated knowledge.


The above parameters are not only applicable to cooling fans, but also applicable to various industrial fans such as exhaust fans, ventilating fans, centrifugal cooling fans, blower cooling fans, and cross-flow fans. This time, I will first introduce the most important basic knowledge of these types of cooling fans.


Basic knowledge of cooling fans

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