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Industrial Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan Blade

The main material of the motor case is stainless steel and plastic, which is one of the components of automobile parts and is called "life science sensor".
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What are the parts of the industrial cooling fan? The cooling fan adopts a large industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters and a motor made of 100% ordinary copper wire silicon steel plate. Because this fan covers a large area and is easy to clean, it solves the problems of high noise and high energy consumption. This type of motor has good performance, best heat dissipation performance and long service life.

Cooling Fan Blades

Fan blade shape classification:

① Flow fan

The blades of an axial fan push the air to flow in the same direction as the shaft. The impellers and propellers are similar. During operation, most of the airflow flows parallel to the shaft.

② Centrifugal fan

The centrifugal fan blade pushes the air to flow in a direction perpendicular to the axis (that is, radial direction). The intake air is along the axis direction, while the exit air is perpendicular to the axis direction.

② Flow fan

Mixed flow fans are also called diagonal flow fans. Because of the conical shape of the blades and the cover, this fan results in higher wind pressure, and the noise of centrifugal fans is lower under the same size and other comparable performance.

④Cross-flow fan
Cross-flow airflow can generate a large area of airflow and is usually used to cool large surfaces of equipment. The inlet and outlet of this fan are perpendicular to the axis.

Cooling fan blades-Suzhou Santian

Advantages of our products:

Our company is one of China's industrial cooling fan manufacturers, and it is recommended by the Chinese manufacturer of industrial cooling fans. Our company's cooling fan impellers use laser welding to fix the motor casing and shaft to ensure that the impellers are well-balanced and the air volume is large. Increases heat dissipation and ventilation to a minimum while ensuring minimal noise.

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