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Industrial Cooling Fan

Cooling Impeller

The cooling impeller can reduce the temperature of the material by using a cooling medium.
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What is a cooling impeller:

The cooling impeller means that the blades of the impeller have internal channels. This type of impeller can reduce the temperature of the material by using a cooling medium.

Cooling Impeller

What is a good cooling impeller:

Excellent industrial cooling fan blades can generate a large amount of air volume and pressure at low fan speeds, but will not produce excessive noise effects. In addition to the shape, the most important is the angle of inclination of the cooling impeller blades, which must be specially designed according to the characteristics of the motor and the requirements of the radiator.

Cooling Fan Blades

Our products:

Our company is mainly engaged in the design and manufacturing of precision stamping molds and injection molds; the production and manufacturing of stamping parts, injection molding parts and integrated injection molding parts. The main products are computer peripheral parts, notebook computer cooling fan, radiator cooling fan, cooling fan parts, automotive sensors, automotive cooling fans and other precision parts. Our company has the best cooling fan and water cooling fan.

Features of our products:

Based on a practical perspective, our company provides a new type of cooling impeller, which can fully reduce resistance, reduce load, and generate much less noise; and ensure stable dynamic and static balance and improve pump efficiency. At the same time, the weight of the cooling impeller is reduced and the corrosion resistance is enhanced.

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