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Detailed introduction of DC cooling fan

Time: 2020-10-16

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Detailed introduction of DC cooling fan

The DC cooling fan actually uses the input DC power to rotate the DC motor to drive the fan impeller to rotate, thereby realizing the conversion process from DC to mechanical energy, which is called a DC fan. The biggest feature of DC fans is the selection of DC motors. What are the specific advantages of DC fans? The following is a detailed introduction of the DC cooling fan:


DC cooling fan

1. Low loss and high efficiency

Because the fan uses permanent magnet excitation, the loss caused by the excitation current of the induction motor is eliminated; at the same time, the brushless DC motor adopts a synchronous operation mode, which eliminates the frequency loss of the rotor core of the induction motor. The working efficiency of the permanent magnet brushless DC motor is much higher than that of the asynchronous motor, and the working efficiency of the small-capacity motor is improved more significantly.


2. High power factor

Because the excitation magnetic field of the brushless DC motor does not require reactive current in the grid, its power factor is much higher than that of an induction motor, and its power factor can reach 1, which is very beneficial for small-power motors. Compared with asynchronous motors, brushless motors not only have higher efficiency and power factor under rated load, but also have advantages under light load.


DC cooling fan

3. Good speed regulation performance and easy control

Compared with the variable frequency speed regulation of asynchronous motors, the speed regulation control of brushless DC motors is not only simple, but also has better performance.


Let me introduce the characteristics of DC fans, and welcome your supplements. When choosing a DC fan, you should choose according to its performance and characteristics. When buying a performance fan, there will be an introduction on the outer package.


DC  cooling fan

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