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How does an axial fan work?

Time: 2020-11-09

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How does an axial fan work?

There are many types of cooling fans on the market. Axial fans are one of the branches and the most widely used cooling fans. How does an axial fan work, and how does its working principle differ from other fans? Read this article to give you a deeper understanding of axial fans.


axial cooling fan

The working principle of axial fan:

The blades of an axial fan push air to flow in the same direction as the shaft. The impeller of an axial fan is similar to the propeller. When it works, most of the airflow is parallel to the shaft, in other words along the axis. When the inlet airflow is free air with zero static pressure, the axial flow fan has the lowest power consumption. When operating, the power consumption will increase as the airflow back pressure rises.


Working principle of axial fan

Application of axial fan:

Axial fans are usually installed in electrical equipment cabinets, and sometimes integrated on motors. Because of their compact structure, they can save a lot of space and are easy to install, so they are widely used.


Features of Axial Fan

Its characteristics: high flow rate, medium wind pressure


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