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How much do you know about Vehicle cooling fan?

Time: 2021-06-03

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How much do you know about Vehicle cooling fan?

Under the car radiator, there is one or enthusiastic one, which is generally used as a Vehicle cooling fan, relying on its driving function, and giving it special functions. The function of the Vehicle cooling fan is automatic, the function of the fan cooling fan is automatic, and the fan starts function. Yes, when I arrived at the destination, after getting off the car when the party was closed, I heard a "buzzing" sound in the cabin, because the water temperature was still being set, so I liked to continue the working status value.

The Vehicle cooling fan is installed at the user and synchronized with the water pump. When the fan rotates, it generates force on the air, accelerates the flow along the direction of the airflow, cools the coolant flowing through the heat core, and accelerates the cooling of the data. And accessories get cooled.

   The air volume of a Vehicle cooling fan is related to the fan shape, blade shape, blade, blade installation angle and angle. The fan blades form a 300-45 "inclination angle with the rotating plane, and the upper ends of the blades with air flow are bent to form a centrifugal fan" to improve the heat dissipation effect.

  The fan is composed of fan pulleys, blades and airflow. It needs to be calculated. The blades are generally 4-8 pieces, which are degrees (30'-50') from the rotating plane. The non-uniform distribution is used to reduce the vibration and noise generated when the blades rotate.

  The fan clutch can automatically control the stop or turn of the fan, and automatically adjust the cooling intensity to ensure normal operating temperature. In order to improve the cooling capacity of the radiator, a fan is generally installed behind the radiator for forced ventilation. The previous car radiator fan was directly driven by the crankshaft belt. When the engine started, it would turn, and it could not change according to the change of engine temperature. In order to adjust the cooling power of the radiator, movable shutters should be installed on the radiator to control the wind power. enter.

Modern cars have commonly used fan electromagnetic clutches or electronic fans. When the water temperature is relatively low, the clutch is separated from the shaft and the fan does not move. When the water temperature is relatively high, the temperature sensor is powered on to engage the clutch with the shaft and the Vehicle cooling fan rotates. Similarly, the electronic fan is directly driven by the motor, and the temperature sensor controls the motor operation. The operation of these two types of radiator fans is actually controlled by temperature sensors.

Fans can be divided into mechanical fans and electric fans.

  (1) Mechanical fan In order to reduce engine power loss and save fuel, the engine often uses fan control devices to control the engagement and separation of the cooling fan and the drive belt pulley. There are three commonly used fan control devices: hydraulic clutch, automatic clutch and hydraulic coupling.

(2) Electric fan When the engine is at low temperature, the fan does not rotate. When the temperature rises, the fan rotates. It is driven by the electric motor. For example, the Shanghai Santana car uses an electric drive two-speed fan.

The above is part of the knowledge of car cooling fans. If you are interested, I will continue to share it next time.

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