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How to choose a DC cooling fan?

Time: 2020-09-21

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How to choose a DC cooling fan?

We all know that a DC cooling fan is an important cooling device for modern industrial machinery. It consists of three parts: a stator, a rotor and a commutator. Its basic structure is generally composed of motors, bearings, blades, shells, power plugs and wires. It consists of several parts. The working principle and application of DC cooling fans are based on different power supply methods. There are two types of motors: DC motors and AC motors.


When buying a DC cooling fan, how should we choose? Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. reminds you that you need to pay attention to the following 5 points.


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 1. Speed of DC cooling fan:

 The speed of the DC cooling fan is the same as the power, the higher the better, the higher the speed, the greater the wind, and the better the heat dissipation function. However, high speed will cause high vibration and noise will follow, and the higher the speed will have a great impact on the life of the fan.


 2. Material of DC cooling fan:

 Nowadays, the popular materials on the market are aluminum and plastic. Aluminum fans are generally made of AC fans, which have low heat dissipation performance and low air volume. The materials of DC cooling fans are generally plastic.


DC cooling fan intrduction

 3. Power of DC cooling fan:

 The higher the power of the bulb, the brighter, the louder and louder the power of the speaker, the greater the power of the DC cooling fan, the stronger the natural wind, and the higher the wind, the better the heat dissipation function, so we should combine the material and working principle of the DC cooling fan To comprehensively compare and choose.


 4. Performance of DC cooling fan:

 The DC cooling fan must be able to provide sufficient exhaust capacity (ie, rotational speed). The hot air in the cooling device at high temperature, when the temperature of the hot air is relatively low or the hot air flow is relatively small, it works in reverse.


 5. Choose a good brand of DC cooling fan:

This point is often ignored by users when choosing. Many poor-quality fan fans will produce a lot of noise due to severe bearing wear after using for a period of time. This not only affects the life of the fan, but also makes you upset when using it. Chaos, so it is recommended that you choose good quality brand products.


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