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How to choose the best cooling fan?

Time: 2020-07-24

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How to choose the best cooling fan?

If you want to buy a suitable cooling fan, you need to understand its basic principles and the best practical effect that can be achieved, so that you can guarantee the best cost performance.


The cooling fan is an electric fan equipped with water cooling (ice) equipment.

Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan

The single-phase electric shaded-pole asynchronous motor or the single-phase electric rare earth permanent magnet induction motor pushes the water curtain to move slowly from side to side, and the cooling fan of the single compatible motor drive blows out the cold air with a certain environmental humidity around the water curtain. Because there is a certain environmental humidity, it also has the effect of cleaning the air.

The other is to install a centrifugal water pump inside the air conditioning fan, in which the centrifugal water pump can cool the air in the water circulation system and blow out cold air that is less than the indoor temperature.

The refrigeration of the air-conditioning fan does not have a refrigeration compressor, and does not require air-conditioning freon. The built-in centrifugal water pump allows the water to circulate in the body continuously and cools the surrounding evaporation. No matter what type of air conditioning fan, the actual cooling effect is the same.

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