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How to match car cooling fan(Updated)

Time: 2020-07-22

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How to match car cooling fan(Updated)

Automobile cooling fan is an important part of the vehicle cooling system. The performance of the fan directly affects the effect of the entire cooling system, and also has a decisive effect on the performance of the automobile engine. If the car cooling fan is not selected correctly, the engine will be overheated or overcooled, which will affect the use of the engine and the normal operation of the car.


How to match the vehicle cooling fan? Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. provides you with the following selection methods.


vehicle cooling fan

Automobile cooling fan

1. Under the same heat dissipation effect, choose a cooling fan with low energy consumption

The power consumed by the car cooling fan accounts for about 5%-8% of the engine's output power. The low energy consumption fan can save energy for the engine and extend the service life of the engine. In the current trend of pursuing environmental protection and low energy consumption, low-energy car cooling fans will be the best choice.


2. Select the appropriate fan according to the aerodynamic performance parameters

The aerodynamic performance of a fan usually refers to the relationship between the fan's flow and static pressure, flow and power. The flow rate of the fan is equal to its intake or exhaust volume per unit time, that is, the volumetric flow of air passing through the air duct per unit time in the performance test. The static pressure of the fan characterizes the ability of the gas to overcome various resistances in the flow channel.


If the appropriate fan cannot be selected according to the actual aerodynamic performance parameters, it will cause insufficient cooling of the car engine, or excessive cooling and excessive consumption, which will cause a burden on the engine.


3. Choose the fan according to the determined cooling system

This requires a matching analysis of each fan separately, and the fan that meets the cooling requirements and has the lowest power consumption is obtained through comparison.


When the fan runs stably in the cooling system, the static pressure is equal to the resistance of the cooling system, and the flow at this time is the matching flow between the fan and the cooling system. To study the matching of the fan and the cooling system, we must first determine the matching flow of the fan and the cooling system, and then determine whether the cooling power meets the requirements of the cooling system at this flow rate.


For the choice of cooling fan, we need to judge the model and cooling system together. If you want to find a high-quality cooling fan supplier, please contact Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. We will provide you with the best quality car according to your needs cooling fan.