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Industrial Cooling Fan

Impeller Blade

The impeller blade refers to a collective name of a movable disk and a rotating blade on the disk.
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An impeller is a rotating component. The fluid that transfers energy from a motor-driven pump is pumped by an accelerated fluid extension from the center of rotation. The impeller blade is an important part of it.

Industrial Cooling Fan

Operating principle: 

When the pump casing restricts the extended movement of the fluid, the speed obtained by the impeller in the pump is converted into pressure, and the impeller blades obtain power by rotating and accelerating. The impeller is usually a short cylinder with an open inlet for receiving the incoming fluid, and the impeller blades are used to push the fluid radially.

Industrial cooling fan

Practical application: 

① The impeller will be loaded on the top of the washing machine, which is convenient for the impeller blades in the washing machine to agitate the clothes during the washing process to help cleaning and hygiene

② The main part of the centrifugal compressor is also the impeller. The open impeller has no cover, so the blade can work at higher speed;

Industrial Cooling Fan

Company profile: 

Our company is not only an impeller seller in China, but also an industrial impeller manufacturer. Our impeller blade coating is anti-corrosive, durable and can work better.

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