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Industrial Cooling Fan

Impeller Housing

The impeller casing is an instrument used to wrap the impeller. Its role is to protect the impeller and the fixed impeller.
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The impeller shell is an instrument that surrounds the impeller, and it plays the role of protecting the impeller and fixing the impeller, which facilitates the more efficient work of the impeller and its blades. The impeller casing is a hollow cylinder-like shape with some branches around it, which can be fixed.

 Cooling Fan Impeller

How it works:

When the pump casing restricts excessive movement of the fluid, the speed obtained by the impeller in the water pump is converted into pressure, and the impeller blades obtain power by rotating and accelerating.

The impeller is usually a short cylinder with an open inlet to receive the incoming fluid, the impeller blades are used to push the fluid radially, and the impeller housing is to accommodate the drive shaft.

Wholesale Impeller

Practical application:

① The impeller will be loaded on the top of the washing machine, which is convenient for the impeller blades in the washing machine to stir the clothes during the washing process to help the clothes clean;
② The main part of the centrifugal compressor is also the impeller. The open impeller has no cover, so the blade can work at higher speed;
③ In medical equipment, the impeller is a component of the axial flow pump (AFP), which is used in ventricular assist devices to enhance or completely replace the heart function.

service provided:

Our company custom-made precision cast impeller shell , its inner packaging: sturdy and durable waterproof plastic large packaging to ensure that the product purchased by the buyer is in a safe state, or customized according to customer requirements. Its outer packaging: multi-layer wooden box with sturdy bandages, all used for standard export packaging, or customized according to customer requirements.


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