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Is your cooling fan installed correctly?

Time: 2020-09-17

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Is your cooling fan installed correctly?

The cooling fan is the main cooling part of mechanical equipment. In order to better exert the ability of the cooling fan, the cooling fan is often installed near the parts that need cooling. After the cooling fan of the original device is damaged, a new cooling fan needs to be replaced, which requires the staff to install the cooling fan.


installing cooling fan

Wrong installation of the cooling fan often brings other side effects. When installing the cooling fan, is your installation method correct?


1. Stuck on both sides of the cooling fan, or plug a screw at each corner into the screw hole of the cooling fan. These two cooling methods are likely to cause the cooling fan to resonate with the product, amplify the sound, and the fan vibrates severely for a long time. It has an impact on the friction between the bearing and the shaft core, and the life will be reduced.


cooling fan installed

2. Installed upside down, with the fan blades facing down, for a long time. If the fan blades are hung for a long time and the rotor magnetism becomes weak, the distance between the fan blades and the motor stator becomes slower. The cooling fan may not rotate due to poor induction. The fan contains oil. This type of problem is prone to occur, and some treatment needs to be done from the structural design.


In addition to the installation method, the choice of cooling fan is also very important. The service life of exhaust heat dissipation is shorter than that of blowing heat. Because the exhaust is always hot air, the motor is often in a state of absorbing heat, and the driver IC in the motor is heated, which makes the performance worse.


install methods of cooling fan

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