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Sell plastic motor shells, wholesale motor shells

Time: 2021-05-26

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Sell plastic motor shells, wholesale motor shells

Motor housing generally refers to the external housing of all electrical and electrical equipment. The is a protection device for the motor, and it is made of silicon steel sheet and other materials by stamping and drawing processes. In addition, the surface anti-rust and plastic spraying process can well protect the internal equipment of the motor.


In addition to protecting the motor shell, Plastic motor housing also functions as a component mounting frame. In addition, some special types of Plastic motor housing also have the functions of heat dissipation or sound insulation. The main purpose is to protect the internal moving parts (both from damage and no damage), and in many cases it can also provide a grounding source. And most (if not all) motors need to be installed, and the housing can provide mounting holes or other methods.


If the Plastic motor housing is divided according to the material: the shell can be divided into metal shell, plastic shell and so on.

According to the purpose, the motor casing can be divided into: generator casing, starter casing, and other digital product motor casings.


The correct choice of the Plastic motor housing: mechanical properties of the motor housing, starting, braking, speed regulation and other control performance should meet the requirements of the mechanical characteristics of the production process, the operation of the motor housing, the impact on the quality of power supply should be According to the predetermined working system and cooling method, the temperature rise of the motor housing should be within a limited range according to the predetermined working system and cooling method, and the motor housing temperature rise should be within a limited range.


According to the environmental conditions, operating conditions, installation methods, transmission methods, and the selected electrical The shell structure, installation and protection form of the motor ensure that the motor shell can reliably and comprehensively consider the single investment and several operating costs. The entire transmission system is economical, energy-saving, reasonable and reliable.


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