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The introduction of speed sensor

Time: 2021-02-08

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The introduction of speed sensor

Speed sensor is a more important sensor for electric vehicles, and it is also a sensor with more applications. In terms of its definition, the speed sensor is mainly used to measure the speed of the sensor, divided into speed sensor, vehicle speed sensor, wheel speed sensor and so on.

Rotational speed sensors are mainly used to detect the rotation speed of electric vehicles. At present, there are three commonly used speed sensors, namely electromagnetic induction speed sensors, photoelectric induction speed sensors, and Hall-effect speed sensors. All of them use non-contact measurement principles to enhance detection safety and improve detection accuracy.

Speed sensor

For example, the Hall-type vehicle speed sensor is mainly used in crankshaft angle and camshaft position, used to switch ignition and fuel injection circuit triggering, and it is also used in other computer circuits that need to control the position and speed of rotating parts.

It consists of an almost completely closed magnetic circuit containing permanent magnets and magnetic poles. A soft-magnet blade rotor passes through the air gap between the magnet and the magnetic poles. The window on the blade rotor allows the magnetic field to pass through and reach the Hall without being affected. Effect sensor, and the part without window interrupts the magnetic field.

The photoelectric vehicle speed sensor is composed of a turntable with holes, two optical conductor fibers, a light-emitting diode, and a phototransistor as a light sensor.

the sensor

An amplifier based on a phototransistor provides a signal with sufficient power for the engine control computer or ignition module, and the phototransistor and amplifier generate a digital output signal (switch pulse). The light-emitting diode shines on the photodiode through the hole on the turntable to realize the transmission and reception of light.

Vehicle speed sensors are used to measure the speed of electric vehicles. The vehicle speed sensor signal is mainly used for the speedometer display of the dashboard and the control of the engine idling speed and the acceleration of the electric vehicle.

Speed sensor

At present, most of the speedometers on electric vehicles in our country are measured by converting the selected speed of the car forum into the speed of the car. In the case of car braking and skidding, as well as changes in the outer circumference of the forum due to new and old, friction, road surface, tire pressure, etc., it will cause excessive errors and even failure to work.

At present, vehicle speed sensors mainly include electromagnetic induction, photoelectric, variable reluctance, and Hall centralized. Electromagnetic induction and Hall-type speed sensors are commonly used in electric vehicles.