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The role of automotive electronic cooling fans

Time: 2020-10-19

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The role of automotive electronic cooling fans

Electronic cooling fans have always been one of the must-chosen products for cooling. In automotive equipment, electronic cooling fans have other broader functions.


automotive electronic cooling fans

The role of automotive electronic cooling fan:


1. Ventilate and cool the high-temperature coolant in the engine's cooling water tank, thereby reducing the engine's operating temperature.


2. Ventilate and cool the condenser in the air-conditioning system, and convert the state of the refrigerant passing through the condenser from high-pressure gaseous to high-pressure liquid, so that it can be better atomized when passing through the expansion valve and obtain better air-conditioning cooling effect.


automotive cooling fans

3. Vehicles equipped with exhaust gas turbochargers will cool the charge air through heat dissipation methods such as intercoolers or turbocharged cooling water tanks, and the radiator fan will assist in ventilation and cooling.


4. Some models will be equipped with a separate transmission oil radiator at the front of the engine compartment, and a radiator fan is also required to assist in heat dissipation.


When the engine is driving, there will be airflow blowing from front to back to the radiator such as the radiator tank and condenser, and it has the function of helping the radiator to ventilate and dissipate heat.


electronic cooling fans

Equipped with a radiator fan mainly has the following two functions:


1. During the driving of the vehicle, there will be air flow through the radiator, but due to the blockage of the engine, the air flow through the radiator will be turbulent, and better heat dissipation effect will not be achieved. At this time, a radiator fan is required. assist. When the heat dissipation conditions are reached, the fan rotates and sucks air from front to back. At this time, the wind direction is consistent with the airflow direction, which will allow more airflow to pass through the radiator more smoothly, achieving the best heat dissipation effect.


car cooling fans

2. When the vehicle is parked in place, but the engine or condenser still needs heat dissipation, the radiator fan rotates and the generated air flows through the radiator to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.


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