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Three misunderstandings in purchasing cooling fans

Time: 2020-10-23

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Three misunderstandings in purchasing cooling fans

Everyone wants to purchase high-quality cooling fans, but they often walk into three misunderstandings, which makes the purchased cooling fans not suitable for use. Today, Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. will take you in-depth understanding: three misunderstandings in purchasing cooling fans.


purchasing cooling fans

Misunderstanding 1: The fan is a consumable, anyway, you need to change it, just buy a cheaper one.


Some companies directly position the cooling fan as an anti-static consumable and replace it every six months or a year. At the same time, the purchase cost is controlled very low. The cheaper the more, the more you like it. This actually enters an infinite loop, and the replacement frequency does not reduce the cost. Strictly speaking, the cooling fan cannot be regarded as a consumable. It is a small supporting device. Its service life is determined by the on-site environment and frequency of use and the quality of the cooling fan. The environment and frequency cannot be changed. The quality of the cooling fan is very important. . Good quality will definitely have a long service life, and of course the price will be higher.


purchase high-quality cooling fan

Misunderstanding 2: The cooling fan does not need maintenance and testing, just install it and look like it.


Many companies may think that the cooling fan is just a fan for blowing air. In fact, this is an extremely irresponsible practice. The cooling fan needs regular maintenance. Because the tip of the ionization equipment discharges for a long time, oxidation and adsorption dust will appear, and the ion release will be weakened. Now there are maintenance-free and maintenance-free cooling fans on the market, which can freely set the cleaning time. The cooling fan generally needs to be inspected monthly or quarterly, depending on the factory situation, so as to ensure the effect of use.


purchase good cooling fan

Misunderstanding 3: The cooling fan is a cutting-edge high-voltage discharge module, which is the same for any manufacturer.


Many companies may make this mistake. Of course, this cannot be blamed. After all, in some companies, the cooling fan is only a negligible amount, and the purchase cost occupied is negligible. In addition, the buyer is not a technician, and the product may not be very good. Understand, they think that the cooling fans are all the same, there is no difference. It is recommended that companies should consider carefully when choosing a fan heater, compare a few more, and find the best cooperative brand.


misunderstanding in purchasing cooling fan

Don't fall into the above misunderstandings when you choose a cooling fan. When choosing a fan, consider more and compare, you can always choose a suitable cooling fan.