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What is the index of the cooling fan?

Time: 2020-07-27

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What is the index of the cooling fan?

There are many types of cooling fans. When choosing a cooling fan, what should we pay attention to? What performance does a high-quality cooling fan have? Let Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. introduce you the index of the cooling fan.

Cooling fan

Cooling fans


1. Speed ratio: Speed ratio refers to the speed at which the cooling fan rotates. It is generally considered in terms of the number of turns that it rotates in one minute, that is, rpm. The speed ratio is related to the number of winding coil turns, cable diameter, fan blade centrifugal impeller diameter and bottom diameter, leaf shape and commonly used rolling bearings in mechanical and electrical engineering. The speed ratio increases and the exhaust volume is relatively expanded.


The size of the speed ratio means the size of the exhaust air volume at a certain level. When the standard is constant, the larger the speed ratio, the noise and vibration will increase relatively. Therefore, under the condition that the exhaust air volume takes into account the heat emission regulations, A cooling fan with a low speed ratio should be used as much as possible. General speed ratio size (take DC axial fan as an example):

2510 cooling fan 7000-12000rpm; 3010 cooling fan 5000-9000rpm; 4010 cooling fan 5000-7000rpm;

5010 cooling fan 3500-5000rpm; 6025 cooling fan 2600-4500rpm; 7025 cooling fan 2400-3600rpm;

8025 cooling fan 2000-3500rpm; 9225 cooling fan 1600-3100rpm; 12025 cooling fan 1500-2500rpm.


2. Exhaust air volume: Exhaust air volume refers to the product of the rate of the total area of natural ventilation of the cooling fan. The total area of natural ventilation is the total area of the entrance and exit minus the expanded area of the vortex tongue. The floor plan rate is the speed of the cyclone's steam fitness exercise based on the entire floor plan, and the enterprise is m³/s. When the plan speed is constant, the larger the diameter of the fan blade centrifugal impeller, the larger the total area of natural ventilation, and the larger the exhaust air volume. The plan speed is determined by the speed ratio of the motor rotor and the air pressure. When the total area of natural ventilation is constant, the greater the plan speed, the greater the exhaust air volume. The greater the exhaust air volume, the greater the amount of heat absorbed by the gas. When the gas fluidity migrates, it can take away a large amount of heat generated by the surrounding energy, and the actual effect of fan heating is more significant.


Cooling Fan Blades

Cooling Fan Blades

3. Air pressure: In order to carry out all normal natural ventilation, it is necessary to get rid of the frictional resistance in the natural ventilation schedule of the cooling fan. The cooling fan must cause the working pressure to get rid of the frictional resistance of the exhaust air. The accurately measured change value of the air pressure is called negative pressure , That is, the gas pressure with greater negative pressure and atmospheric pressure. It is the working pressure of the steam body on the surface of the object parallel to the surface. The negative pressure is accurately measured according to the hole that bisects the surface.


The method of converting the mechanical energy necessary for the fluidity of the vapor into the working pressure is called gas pressure. In order to accomplish the purpose of exhaust air, there must be negative pressure and gas pressure. The rated power of the motor is the algebraic sum of the negative pressure and the gas pressure. The rated power of the motor refers to the rate of increase of the rated power of the motor given by the cooling fan, that is, the difference between the inlet and outlet of the cooling fan and the rated power of the motor. In specific applications, the larger air value of the allowable error is not the supply and exhaust air volume obtained by the specific radiator. The large exhaust air volume does not mean that the natural ventilation capability is strong. Due to the gas fluidity, the cyclone will encounter the resistance of heat-removing fins or components in its fluidity relative path, and its characteristic impedance will limit the free circulation of the gas. That is, when the exhaust air volume expands, the air pressure will decrease.


Therefore, there must be a best actual operating midpoint, that is, the intersection of the cooling fan characteristic curve and the air resistance curve. At the midpoint of operation, the linear slope of the cooling fan characteristic curve is the least, and the elastic coefficient of the system software characteristic curve is the least. Pay attention to the static data of the cooling fan and high efficiency (exhaust air volume × air pressure ÷ power consumption) is the best. Naturally, sometimes in order to reduce the characteristic impedance of the system software, or even use a cooling fan with a smaller specification, the same exhaust air volume can be obtained.


cooling fans

Cooling Fans

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