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What material is better for fan blades?

Time: 2020-10-26

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What material is better for fan blades?

The fan blade is the most important part of the fan, especially the fan used for industrial cooling. The fan blade of the right material can better play its role. So, what kind of fan blade is better?

Currently, desktop fan blades are mainly made of iron blades, aluminum blades, and plastic blades. Their advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


Iron blades: long-term use does not deform, and the air volume is large, but if the blades are of poor quality and the fan blade cover is not good, there are hidden dangers of breaking and flying, but it consumes electricity;


Iron fan blades

Aluminum fan blades: hardly deformed after long-term use, large air volume, lighter weight, energy saving than iron leaf, and more durable;


Aluminum fan blades

Plastic fan blades: light weight, energy saving, but it will be deformed after long-term use, it feels no wind, and it will deform soon after calibration.


Plastic fan blades

When all configurations are the same, aluminum fan blades (usually alloys) are relatively better than plastic ones, because the material is harder than plastic, and the wind is stable and strong.


The advantage of plastic is low cost. This is the most important thing. If it is not a high-power fan, the advantage of plastic is higher than cost-effective; if it is a high-power fan, the performance advantages of aluminum alloy will be obvious.


Iron fan blades are not as colorful as the first two materials, because iron fan blades are prone to rust, and the applicable working environment is more limited.


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