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What to do if the car cooling fan has abnormal noise

Time: 2020-10-10

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What to do if the car cooling fan has abnormal noise

The car cooling fan is an important component in the car cooling system. It is the biggest contributor to the heat dissipation of the car engine. Once the car cooling fan has a problem, it will affect the working performance of the car engine.


Vehicle cooling fan

What should we do if the car cooling fan makes abnormal noises during operation? Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. provides you with the following cause analysis and solutions.


If you hear abnormal noise when the fan is working normally, there are 4 situations as follows:

1. Fan wear casing;

2. The bearing of the fan may be damaged;

3. The blades of the fan are deformed;

4. Foreign matter has entered the fan.


Vehicle cooling fan

In the above four cases, the first three need to replace the relevant parts, while in the last case, only the foreign objects need to be cleaned.


After knowing how to solve the radiator fan, you also need to know how to properly disassemble the radiator fan to avoid damage to it. The correct removal steps of the radiator fan are attached below:

1. Remove the lower baffle of the engine;

2. Remove the auxiliary water tank;

3. Panasonic coolant pipe;

4. Remove the buckle on the fan guard;

5. Remove the connecting plug and take out the fastening screws of the fan guard;

6. Remove the fixing nut of the fan.


car cooling fan

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