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How to choose automobile motor housing material?

Time: 2021-04-23

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How to choose automobile motor housing material?
The motor housing is a typical insert molding material, and the motor shell materials are stainless steel and plastic. In general, it is better to use aluminum alloy for the motor housing.

The advantages of using aluminum alloy automobile motor housing material: light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, comparable to high-quality alloy steel, easy to form, easy to heat dissipation, non-magnetic, aluminum alloy is non-magnetic, impact does not produce sparks, so it is used as the motor shell The best material.
automobile motor housing
Aluminum alloy motor housing mainly have the advantages of light weight, high strength, good heat dissipation, and high tensile strength, which solve the shortcomings of other metal shells and meet the needs of motors. Aluminum alloy just meets the motor's demand for housing, and it is also the most affordable motor housing material.
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