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automotive sensors

Time: 2021-05-07

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automotive sensors

Automobile sensor is the input device of automobile computer system. It converts various working conditions information during automobile operation, such as vehicle speed, temperature of various media, engine operating conditions, etc., into electrical signals and sends them to the computer so that the engine is in the best working condition. status. 

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There are many automotive sensors. When judging the failure of the sensor, you should not only consider the sensor itself, but the entire circuit where the failure occurred. Therefore, when looking for faults, in addition to checking the sensor, the wiring harness, connectors, and related circuits between the sensor and the electronic control unit should also be checked.

With the continuous development of science and technology in recent years, there have been more and more types of automotive sensors. In the past, automotive sensors were only used for engines. Now they have been extended to the ground, body, and lighting electrical systems. The sensors used in these systems are now Has reached more than 100 kinds.

There are many sensors on the car, the main ones are the following types of sensors.

The air flow sensor converts the inhaled air into an electrical signal and sends it to the electronic control unit (ECU) as one of the basic signals for determining fuel injection. According to different measurement principles, it can be divided into four types: rotary vane air flow sensor, Karman vortex air flow sensor, hot wire air flow sensor and hot film air flow sensor. The first two are volume flow type, and the latter two are mass flow type. Mainly use two kinds of hot wire air flow sensor and hot film air flow sensor.

The intake pressure sensor can measure the absolute pressure in the intake manifold according to the load state of the engine, and convert it into an electrical signal and a speed signal and send it to the computer as a basis for determining the basic fuel injection volume of the injector. The semiconductor piezoresistive intake air pressure sensor is widely used.

The throttle position sensor is installed on the throttle to detect the opening of the throttle. It is linked with the throttle through a lever mechanism to reflect the different operating conditions of the engine. This sensor can detect different working conditions of the engine and input it into the electronic control unit (ECU) to control different fuel injection quantities. It has three types: switch contact type throttle position sensor, linear variable resistance type throttle position sensor, comprehensive type throttle position sensor.

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Crankshaft position sensor, also called crankshaft angle sensor, is the most important sensor in computer-controlled ignition system. Its function is to detect top dead center signal, crankshaft angle signal and engine speed signal, and input it into the computer, so that the computer can press the cylinder The best ignition timing command is issued in the ignition sequence. 

There are three types of crankshaft position sensor: electromagnetic pulse type crankshaft position sensor, Hall effect type crankshaft position sensor, photoelectric effect type crankshaft position sensor. Different types of crankshaft position sensors have different control methods and control accuracy. The crankshaft position sensor is generally installed on the side of the crankshaft pulley or sprocket, and some are installed on the front end of the camshaft, and some are installed on the distributor.

The knock sensor is installed on the cylinder block of the engine to monitor the knock of the engine at any time. There are two types of resonance type and non-resonance type.

Commonly used automotive sensors are probably the above, and there are some other automotive sensors that are also very important. I will not introduce them here. If you want to order sensors, please contact Suzhou Sanda Precision Mold Co., Ltd. We are waiting for your message.

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