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How to choose high-quality cooling fan custom manufacturer?

Time: 2020-07-28

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How to choose high-quality cooling fan custom manufacturer?

Although there are many styles of cooling fans on the market, their materials and processes are very different, and it is difficult to meet the cooling needs of some industries. At this point, you need a high-quality cooling fan manufacturer that supports customization! How to choose a high-quality cooling fan manufacturer? Let Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. find it for you.


Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan

1. Is the cooling fan certified


After the production of the cooling fan is completed, its performance will be comprehensively evaluated. Internationally, the performance of the cooling fan has the following certifications: UL, CSA, EN, CE, ROHS, CCC, etc. If a manufacturer cannot certify the cooling fan produced, please stay away from such a manufacturer.


When you customize the cooling fan, you also need to select the corresponding certification according to the positioning of the device where the cooling fan is installed.


2. Does the cooling fan have clear parameters?


The parameters of the cooling fan are directly related to the cooling performance of the cooling fan, whether it is energy-saving, long-lived, and silent. Therefore, any qualified cooling fan should have clear parameters to facilitate customers to purchase.


When customizing a cooling fan, customers need to provide certain parameters to the manufacturer to achieve your needs.


3. Can it support function customization?


The cooling fan can have a variety of functions, such as soft start function, lock protection function, FG speed measurement function, temperature control function, etc., in the case of harsh working environment, it can also have a waterproof function. A high-quality cooling fan manufacturer can support the customization of the above functions.


Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan

Customers who want to achieve the above functions when customizing the cooling fan, please clearly inform the manufacturer.


If you can't find a high-quality cooling fan manufacturer based on the above three points, please choose Suzhou Santian Precision Mold Co., Ltd. We have all the above conditions and can give customers the greatest discount and best service.