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Industrial Cooling Fan

Vehicle cooling fan and shell

Car cooling fans and shells are used in car seat heating and ventilation systems, car heating insulation cups/box systems, etc.
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The radiating impeller and shell are used in vehicle seat heating and ventilation system, vehicle heating insulation cup/box system, etc. The impeller is laser welded to fix the motor shell and shaft center to ensure that the impeller is perfectly balanced, with large air volume, maximizes the effect of heat dissipation and ventilation, and ensures minimal noise.

The material can be according to customer needs, PP material, nylon material, ABS material and other three commonly used wind blade materials, each has its own characteristics and advantages, and can also provide high temperature resistant flame retardant materials, giving customers more personalized and demanding choices.

Compared with metal hoods, plastic hoods are more corrosion-resistant, reduce the weight of the motor, and are more durable.

Vehicle cooling fan and shell

Working principle

The fan is installed behind the radiator and is coaxial with the water pump. When the fan rotates, it generates suction and accelerates the airflow in the axial direction, which accelerates the cooling liquid flowing through the radiator core to cool, and at the same time, cools the shell of the engine body and surrounding accessories. The air volume of the fan is related to the diameter of the fan, the shape of the blade, the number of blades, the installation angle of the blade and the speed of the fan.

The fan is composed of fan pulleys, blades, and fan clutches. The blades are often unevenly distributed along the circumference. This is to reduce the vibration and noise generated when the blades rotate. The fan clutch can automatically control the stop or rotation of the fan, and automatically adjust the cooling intensity to ensure normal operating temperature.

Car cooling fan-Suzhou Santian


Fans can be divided into two types: mechanical fans and electric fans.

(1) Mechanical fans In order to reduce engine power loss and save fuel, engines often use fan control devices to control the coupling and separation of the cooling fan and the drive belt pulley.

(2) Electric fan The fan does not rotate when the engine is at low temperature. When the temperature rises, the fan rotates. It is driven by the motor.


In order to improve the cooling capacity of the radiator, a fan is installed behind the radiator for forced ventilation.

Modern cars have commonly used fan electromagnetic clutches or electronic fans. When the water temperature is relatively low, the clutch is separated from the rotating shaft, and the fan does not move. When the water temperature is relatively high, the temperature sensor is connected to the power supply to engage the clutch with the rotating shaft and the fan rotates.

Similarly, the electronic fan is directly driven by the motor, and the motor is controlled by the temperature sensor. Both types of radiator fans are actually controlled by temperature sensors.

car cooling fan application

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