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How to judge whether the cooling fan is refurbished

Time: 2020-10-13

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How to judge whether the cooling fan is refurbished

Cooling fans have always been a necessary cooling device for mechanical equipment that is prone to heat and high temperature. There are also many cooling fan manufacturers on the market, and some unscrupulous manufacturers have also purchased damaged second-hand cooling fans, refurbished them, and relaunched them on the market. This type of cooling fan sold after refurbishment is not only of poor quality and short service life, but also easily causes damage to other parts when damaged.


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Therefore, when purchasing a cooling fan, buyers need to pay attention to whether it is a refurbished cooling fan. How to make a correct judgment on the cooling fan purchased? The following method is provided by Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd.


1. From the trademark point of view: the original cooling fan's trademark is very beautifully printed, the color is uniform, the printed handwriting is clear and smooth, and the hand feel is outstanding; the refurbished fan's trademark is not standardized, the printing quality is very poor, often the background color is different, the handwriting is not prominent, the original The surface of the factory's trademark is scratched with some trademark scratches, and the original factory's trademark will not be affected by nail scratches.


2. Judging from the fan blades: the original cooling fan on the fan surface will show a matt effect, you can see fine and uniform particles in the face of the light, and feel rough by hand; while the refurbished fan will be rubbed against the air for a long time. The particles on the surface of the fan blade have disappeared and become smooth, and you can see traces of friction.


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3. Finally, there are mounting holes: the refurbished fans will leave marks on the mounting holes. If they are made of self-operating screws, they will leave threads in the holes. If they are fixed with screws and nuts, They will dent the nut around the hole.


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