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Do you know the selection criteria of the cooling fan?

Time: 2021-06-01

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Do you know the selection criteria of the cooling fan?

Generally, a suitable cooling fan is selected from four aspects: the power of the cooling fan, the speed of the cooling fan, the material of the cooling fan, and the noise of the cooling fan.

Now let us explain in detail how to choose from the following four aspects.

1. The power of the cooling fan

Generally speaking, the greater the power of any electrical appliance, the better the effect. If the power of the cooling fan is high, the wind will naturally be stronger and the heat dissipation effect will be better. However, when we choose a cooling fan, it does not mean that the higher the power, the better. We need to combine the material and working principle of the fan to make a comprehensive comparison. It is also necessary to choose according to the actual use. High-power cooling fans consume more energy. If you don't need too strong cooling effect, you can choose a lower power.

2. The speed of the cooling fan

In general, the speed of the fan is the same as the power, the bigger the better. The speed of the cooling fan is also a factor that determines the air volume of the cooling fan. Of course, if the fan speed is higher, the noise and vibration will definitely be greater. Therefore, when the air volume is sufficient for the product's heat dissipation conditions, it is better to choose a low-speed cooling fan as much as possible.

3. The material of the cooling fan

Generally, there are two main materials for cooling fans on the market, namely plastic box aluminum. Generally, the material of the DC cooling fan is plastic, while the aluminum fan is an AC fan. The heat dissipation effect of the AC fan is lower than that of the DC cooling fan, and the air volume is smaller.

4. The noise of the fan

The noise problem of the cooling fan is big or small, and the average user will not care much. However, many cooling fans of poor quality will produce a lot of noise due to bearing wear or other reasons after being used for a period of time, which will not only affect the service life of the fan, but also make people feel irritable. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers buy a cooling fan Choose manufacturers with strong products and good quality to purchase.

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