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Motor Housing Parts

The main material of the motor case is stainless steel and plastic, which is one of the components of automobile parts and is called "life science sensor".
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Motor housing


The motor housing is a typical insert molding material. The main materials are stainless steel and plastic. It is a connector for electrical and electronic contacts and is one of the components of an automotive part, known as a "life science sensor." Parts include PPS, PPA, PBT, PET, PEI, PC, POM, nylon PA, Derlin, acrylic, etc.

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Our company can customize exquisite motor shells and provide related packaging services. Its inner packaging: It is packed with a sturdy and waterproof plastic large packaging to ensure that the product is in a safe state or customized according to customer requirements. Its outer packaging: multi-layer wooden box with strong bandages, all used for standard export packaging, or customized according to customer requirements.

Motor housing

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Our company is mainly engaged in the design and manufacturing of precision stamping molds and injection molds; the production and manufacturing of stamping parts, injection molding parts and integrated injection molding parts. Is one of China's industrial cooling fan manufacturers, is also a Chinese manufacturer of industrial cooling fan recommendation company

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