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Motor insulation stator

Time: 2021-05-11

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Motor insulation stator

As an important part of the power system, the stability of the generator directly affects the quality of the power supply of the power system. In the current era, the development trend of generators is large capacity and high efficiency. The increase of generator capacity has higher requirements for the operation safety of generators.

One of the key technologies for the manufacture of generators is stator insulation technology. The winding insulation of the generator's stator is an important part of the generator. As the installed capacity of large motors continues to increase, the impact of environmental stress on the insulation is also increasing.

                  motor insulation stator

Insulation performance is the use of non-conductive materials to isolate or wrap charged objects to prevent electric shock. Good insulation performance can ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment and circuits.

Under the action of strong electricity, insulating materials may be broken down and lose their insulation performance. After the gas insulating material and the liquid insulating material are broken down, once the external factors (strong electric field) are removed, their electrical insulation performance can be restored by themselves; and the solid insulating material will irreversibly lose its electrical insulation completely after being broken down performance.

Therefore, the insulation selection of electrical circuits and equipment must match the voltage level, and must be compatible with the use environment and operating conditions to ensure the safety of insulation.

In addition, due to corrosive gas, steam, moisture, conductive dust, and mechanical damage, the insulation performance of the insulating material may be reduced or even destroyed. Moreover, the long-term effects of environmental factors such as sunlight, wind and rain can also make insulating materials aging and gradually lose their insulation performance.

The generator stator is the stationary part of the motor. Its components mainly include iron core, frame, coil and other parts.

The generator's stator is one of the key components of the generator. For high-voltage, large-capacity synchronous motors, the rotating magnetic pole structure is adopted. Since the capacity and voltage of the excitation part are often much smaller than that of the armature, the armature is installed on the stator and the main magnetic pole is installed on the rotor. The generator's stator mainly acts on the cutting magnetic field to generate voltage in the rotating magnetic field formed by the rotor.

                                      generator's stator

Suzhou Sandian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. sells insert molding stator with insulation layer, which is an insert molding stator with insulation, which is a kind of insert resin and insert prepared in the mold in advance. The stator of the molding method of bonding and curing to make an integrated product is a molded part on a part of the surface of a metal plate. Compared with the traditional induction motor, it has the characteristics of simple structure and reliable operation. Small size, light weight; low loss and high efficiency, so it has been widely used.

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