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The difference between optical fiber sensor and photoelectric sensor

Time: 2020-10-27

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The difference between optical fiber sensor and photoelectric sensor

Both optical fiber sensors and photoelectric sensors are two commonly used sensors in industrial sensors, but their use methods and application principles are very different. This article explains in detail the difference between fiber optic sensors and photoelectric sensors.


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The first point is that photoelectric sensors and optical fiber sensors work differently.


First of all, from the working principle of the two, first of all, the photoelectric sensor is based on the principle of photoelectric effect, which means that when light is irradiated on the photoelectric sensor made of semiconductor, it will emit photoelectrons. , Can convert light energy into electrical energy. For example, photoresistors, photodiodes and phototransistors commonly used in light control occasions all work according to this effect.


The optical fiber sensor works by the principle of total reflection of light. The principle of total reflection of light has been learned in middle school physics. For example, the Snell's law of light refraction and reflection clearly expresses the principle of light reflection with mathematical relations. . Therefore, we can use the light transmission characteristics of the optical fiber to convert the measured light into a change in light characteristics, such as changing the frequency, wavelength, intensity, and phase of the light.


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The second point is that photoelectric sensors and optical fiber sensors are made of different materials.


The materials for photoelectric sensors are mainly made of semiconductor materials or metal materials with photoelectric effect. For example, the materials for photodiodes and phototransistors are generally silicon or germanium materials, and the materials for photoresistors are cadmium sulfide or indium antimonide. Production; The fiber optic sensor is made of glass fiber (mainly made of quartz glass) with high light transmittance, and the composition is relatively single.


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The third point is that the structure of the photoelectric sensor and the optical fiber sensor are different.


The photoelectric sensor is relatively simple. For example, the photodiode is composed of pins, housing, die, and glass condenser. The structure of the optical fiber sensor is relatively complicated, and besides the optical fiber, there are some complicated peripherals as auxiliary control.


The fourth point is that the measuring ranges of photoelectric sensors and fiber optic sensors are different.


The measurement range of the photoelectric sensor is relatively small, generally including light intensity, illuminance, speed and strain displacement; and the measurement range of the optical fiber sensor is relatively wide, and it can measure more than 70 physical quantities, such as pressure, vibration, speed, current, temperature, flow, magnetic field, etc., so the future development of optical fiber sensors has great potential, which can be described as a latecomer. on.


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