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Do you know how to remove the cooling fan blades and how to reverse the cooling fan blades?

Time: 2021-05-27

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Do you know how to remove the cooling fan blades and how to reverse the cooling fan blades?

First, let's take a look at the method of reversing the cooling fan blades.

Turn the shaft iron core in the fan inverted to realize the fan reversal. The four parts of the iron core are not a perfect circle, but each part has a slight deviation, and the directional moment is obtained by this.

The CPU cooling fan actually uses them to quickly conduct the heat of the CPU and blow it into the nearby air. The cooling effect is directly related to the quality of the CPU cooling fan and heat sink. The main performance of the fan is reflected in the following aspects: speed, fan blade shape, fan blade angle and bearing system.

Next, let's take a look at how to remove the cooling fan blades. The cooling fan blade is removed because the cooling fan is often widely used in various machinery and equipment, but if you want to change the oil inside the bearing or if there is a problem, you must remove the cooling fan.

How to take it apart? What tools are needed?

1. Tools preparation: needle-nose pliers, tweezers, screwdriver, tin foil tape. Most fans can use tools.

2. First, directly unscrew the screw, you can take out the fan charm and take off the shell side to see the fan blade directly.

3. You need to break the clip or foil tape to see the fan on the side of the casing.

4. Use rivets to fix the shell, some also use rivets and screws to fix. At this time, you need to use a screwdriver to insert between the shell surface and the shell and slowly pry to pry off the plastic rivets. Pay attention to slowly and softly. There are individual metal rivet shells, you need to use a file to frustrate the exposed part of the rivet.

Disassembly method of notebook fan blades:

The first type: relatively simple, just pull out the fan blade directly, just pull it out gently.

The second type: a little more complicated, you need to turn the fan over, tear off the label, use a sharp object to pick up the clip, and then the fan blade can be taken off directly, and the ball bearing can also be taken off and cleaned.

The third type: a more complicated sealed fan that can't be pulled off even if you remove the label, and you can't refill or disassemble the sealed fan. This requires violent opening. After opening, the disassembly method is the same as the second method above.

The above is the method of removing the cooling fan blades and reversing the cooling fan blades. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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