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Some introduction about the sensor

Time: 2021-04-28

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Some introduction about the sensor

A sensor is a detection device that can feel the information being measured, and can transform the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain rules, so as to meet the transmission, processing, storage, and storage of information.

Display, record and control requirements. The ability of a sensor to keep its performance unchanged after a period of use is called stability. In addition to the structure of the sensor itself, the factors that affect the long-term stability of the sensor are mainly the use environment of the sensor. Therefore, in order for the sensor to have good stability, the sensor must have strong environmental adaptability.

The sensor housing is a key part of a sensor, which determines what kind of environment the sensor is suitable for. The sensor housing must withstand and protect the internal electronic components to prevent it from being affected by heat, electricity, humidity, and impact. At present, most of the sensor housings are made of plastic or metal such as stainless steel, copper, etc. The internal components of the sensor are inserted into the housing, and then filled with epoxy resin or polymer resin for insulation and protection.

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Plastic shell usually refers to PBT, PET, ABS, PMMA, PVC and other plastics, and is produced by injection molding. However, the plastic casing itself cannot withstand high temperature contact, and its resistance to chemical contact is also limited. Therefore, the plastic casing does not actually provide sufficient protection for the sensor.

The metal shell can provide excellent impact protection and chemical protection, but the metal shell will expand and contract when the external temperature changes greatly, resulting in poor sealing performance and affecting the measurement accuracy of the sensor. In addition, there will be a gap between the sensor probe and the shell. The gap affects the measurement accuracy of the sensor.

For the sensor housing produced by Suzhou Sandian Precision Mold, it is a Sensor housing supplier in China, its detection device can sense the amount of information detected, and convert the information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to corresponding rules. It is a link that realizes automatic detection and automatic control. Its production process is that the parts processed by stamping, bending, stretching, etc. meet the product use and technical performance, and are easy to assemble and repair. The sensor housing is simple in design, reasonable in structure, less processing of the entire parts, simple in stamping process, which is conducive to stamping operations, facilitates the organization of mechanized and automated production, and improves labor productivity.

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In the case of ensuring normal use, please try to make the dimensional accuracy level and surface roughness level as low as possible, which is conducive to product interchange, reducing waste and ensuring stable product quality.

As a manufacturer of Ensor housings, Suzhou Sandian Precision Mould is committed to producing sensor housings and sell sensor housing.The sensor housings produced can improve the protection level of the sensor and prevent water, oil, dust, debris and other substances from affecting the sensor Performance and service life. At the same time, it also has a shock-proof function to prevent damage to the sensor when it is slightly affected by external forces.

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