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A detection device that can sense the measured information and convert the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to a certain rule to meet the transmission, processing, storage, display, and recording of information and control requirements.
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Automotive sensors are smart sensors that can be used to control and handle oil pressure, temperature, discharge levels, coolant levels, and more.

Sensor components and types

The sensor is generally composed of four parts: a sensitive element, a conversion element, a conversion circuit and an auxiliary power supply.

Different types of sensors:Mass airflow sensor, Engine Speed Sensor, Oxygen Sensor, Spark Knock Sensor, Coolant Sensor, Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, Fuel temperature sensor, Voltage Sensor, Camshaft Position Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, Vehicle Speed Sensor.



According to the specified measured size, a component that provides a useful electrical output signal quantitatively, that is, a transducer that converts physical, chemical quantities such as light, time, electricity, temperature, pressure, and gas into signals. As a key component of the automotive electronic control system, the sensor directly affects the technical performance of the car. Ordinary cars are equipped with about 10-20 sensors, and premium luxury cars are even more. These sensors are mainly distributed in the engine control system, chassis control system and body control system.

Wholesale sensor

Advantages of manufacturing sensors

Production of sensor categories is small and sophisticated, specializing in the production of sensor series products for automotive applications, sensor with good quality and affordable prize,specialized cooperative production, and move towards automation.

Most processes have achieved single-machine automation, shifting from relying on imported technology to digestion and absorption of imported technology and independent research and development.

As sensor manufacturers,we are committed to making vehicles safer, greener and more connected. To transport passengers safely and efficiently, vehicles need data. Our vehicle sensors can sense and respond to changing conditions, inside and out.Automotive sensors help provide the data for control, adaptation and response of vehicle functions that increase safety, comfort, and efficiency. Our technology is an integral part of many modern nervous systems in cars, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles.Sensor used in car are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, often on a custom basis.


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