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Quickly understand the characteristics of fan blades of various materials

Time: 2020-09-23

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Quickly understand the characteristics of fan blades of various materials

The fan blade is the main component of the fan. The performance of the fan blades of different materials is different. From the material point of view, the mainstream fan blades on the market are: aluminum fan blades, iron fan blades, acrylic fan blades, plastic fans Blades, solid wood blades and plywood blades.


the characteristics of fan blades of various materials

Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. introduces the characteristics of the fan blades of the above materials:


Aluminum fan blade

Aluminum fan blades are relatively light in weight and not easily deformed. Therefore, ceiling fans with aluminum fan blades can be seen in mid-to-high-end large-scale places.


Iron fan blade

Traditional ceiling fans are made of this material, and iron fan blades have been installed in middle and low-end places with their mature technology and low price. With the improvement of people's consumption level and aesthetics, iron-leaf ceiling fans slowly withdrew from the household market and turned into industrial ceiling fans.


Iron fan blades

Acrylic fan blade

Acrylic, also known as specially treated plexiglass. The transparency is extremely high, even more transparent than glass. Acrylic fan blades are generally used in invisible ceiling fan lights. Due to the high transparency of acrylic fan blades, the fan blades running at high speed are natural and beautiful. Moreover, looking up at the rotation process of the fan blades will not produce dizziness. The invisible ceiling fan lamp pays attention to beauty, and the acrylic fan leaves undoubtedly raise it to the level of an artwork.


Plastic fan blade

Plastic fan blades can be said to be the king of the modern and popular price-performance ratio. The shape of the fan blades is variable and the price is affordable. Whether in floor fans, wall fans or ceiling fans, you can often see it. In addition, by using water transfer printing technology, you can easily copy your favorite texture onto the plastic fan blade. For those who like the texture of solid wood, the plastic fan blade with the original wood grain style is the most suitable choice.


Plastic fan blades

Solid wood fan blades

The solid wood fan blade is the most original one among many fan blades, and it is the perfect combination of nature and modernity. Natural wood scent, light texture, patchwork texture. But pay more attention when cleaning the fan blades. Only dry cloth can be used for wiping, never use wet cloth, otherwise it will be easily damp and deformed. In case of stubborn stains, you can add a little alcohol to wipe it. The most important thing is to do a good job of pest control.


Splint fan blade

Compared with other materials, the splint blades are really inferior. Since the splint cannot be bent, the air volume will be lower than that of the fan blades on the premise that other factors remain unchanged. It is best to check the fan blades for signs of looseness every once in a while, lazy people do not recommend it. If you take care of it irregularly, it is easy to mold and breed germs. The only advantage is that it is cheap.


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