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The operating principle of the engine cooling fan

Time: 2020-08-04

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The operating principle of the engine cooling fan

When the engine is working, it is easy to emit a large amount of heat energy. This requires a cooling fan to help the engine dissipate heat, so that the engine can extend its life span and avoid parts damage caused by high temperature.


There are many types of engine cooling fans, and the electric cooling fan is one of the main products. Let us follow Suzhou Santian Precision Mold Co., Ltd. to understand the operating principle of this engine cooling fan!


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Engine cooling fans

Principle of electric cooling fan


When the diesel engine is running at the early stage and in the ultra-low temperature, or when the car is running on the car with an air-conditioning cyclone flicking the heat pipe radiator, the heat pipe radiator blower can be cooled without using the cooling fan. In order to ensure credibility, the electric cooling fan uses a diesel engine water temperature sensor to control the time when the cooling fan exhausts the air. The use of electric cooling fans can improve engine preheating characteristics, reduce fuel consumption and reduce the noise of cooling fans. Generally, the electric cooling fan should not rotate when it is in standby.


 The key structure of an electric cooling fan is composed of a motor, a circuit breaker, and a temperature power switch. When the temperature is less than 93°C, the temperature power switch is connected to the cooling fan circuit breaker channel, and the contact point is cut off under the adsorption force of the magnet electromagnetic coil, so that the motor is not connected to the power source and the fan blades do not rotate; when the temperature exceeds 93°C, The temperature power switch is turned off, there is no current in the electromagnetic coil of the breaker, the contact points are closed, the cooling fan motor is connected to the power supply, and the cooling fan is shipped and exhausted.


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