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How does the fan blade affect the performance of the cooling fan

Time: 2020-09-22

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How does the fan blade affect the performance of the cooling fan

The cooling fan is the most commonly used cooling device in mechanical equipment. Whether it is a fan used in daily homes or a cooling system in a car, the cooling fan is always the first choice of cooling equipment for manufacturers and people. The quality of the cooling fan is often affected by many factors, among which the fan blades of the cooling fan are the most influential.


Cooling fan blades

The efficiency of the radiator cooling fan mainly depends on factors such as the diameter and axial length of the blades of the industrial cooling fan, the speed of the fan, and the shape of the blades. The blades of the CPU cooling fan are usually between 6-12. Generally speaking, an industrial cooling fan with a small number of blades is prone to generate greater wind pressure, but the operating noise is also greater; while a cooling fan with a large number of blades is the opposite.

Influence of Blades on Cooling Fans

In addition, the shape of the blades of industrial cooling fans will also have a certain impact on the cooling fans.


The blade shape of the cooling fan includes sickle, trapezoid and AVC patented folding. Relatively speaking, the sickle-shaped fan blades are relatively stable and quiet during operation, but the wind pressure that can be generated is also small; the trapezoidal blades are prone to generate higher wind pressure, but the noise is also higher. The flange type is the most excellent design, which can generate greater wind pressure while maintaining low noise, but it is currently only used in AVC's own cooling fan products.At present, the sickle-shaped design is more common.


shape of cooling fan blades

The well-designed industrial cooling fan blades can produce a large output air volume and pressure at a low fan speed without generating too much wind noise. In addition to the shape, the angle of the blade inclination is also very important, and it should be designed to match the characteristics of the motor and the needs of the heat sink. Otherwise, simply pursuing a large inclination angle of the blades may result in high wind noise and low wind power of the cooling fan.


 the fan blade affect the performance of the cooling fan

When purchasing a cooling fan, the purchaser needs to make the correct choice of the cooling fan blade, so as to maximize the effect of the cooling fan. If you want to customize the cooling fan blades, please choose Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. We are a manufacturer of injection molded parts specializing in the production of various cooling fan blades. Our cooling fan blades are mainly made of PP material, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also adaptable to various working environments, with strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance.


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