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A must-see when buying fans, the most comprehensive fan analysis

Time: 2020-08-05

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A must-see when buying fans, the most comprehensive fan analysis

Before buying a fan, we must have a more comprehensive understanding of the cooling fan. This is because there are differences between fans, the number and material of the fan blades will affect the performance of the fan. In this article, Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. will make the most comprehensive fan analysis for you, and help you provide references when buying fans.


Before purchasing a fan, we need to know what the general fan principle is.


Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan

The electric fan makes the motor rotate the fan blades through power engineering. At this time, the air velocity close to the edge of the fan blade is fast and the air pressure is low. The air velocity close to the pivot is slow and the air pressure is high, so the gas flows outside the edge of the electric fan; On the other hand, guided by the appearance of the fan blades, the air on the surface of the fan blades pushes forward along the fan blades. The air behind the electric fan is related to the working pressure of the cyclone and is constantly filled in to generate a driving cyclone.


Household electricity type


At present, the common electric fans on the market can be roughly divided into DC fans and AC fans. Because of the different motor design schemes, there are various differences in exhaust air volume, environmental protection and energy saving, and functions. It should be noted that because the electric fan itself only speeds up the circulation of gas and does not have the actual effect of "cooling the gas", if the electric fan is used in an already hot confined space, the actual effect of the cooling room is very limited. In addition, because the fan blades run at high speed, the noise problem of the fan is basically impossible to prevent. This makes a customer who wants to rely on the electric fan to save electricity and has a good night’s sleep often has to be in the air conditioner. There is a certain measure between it and the electric fan.


DC direct current fan


In order to deal with the noise problem when the fan blades are rotating, contemporary home appliance manufacturers are slowly changing the motor of the electric fan to "DC direct current", which not only makes the electric fan more and more energy-saving, but also enables the fan to develop low-speed gears. It runs, even in the dead of night, the electric fan can keep out noise.


The inside of the DC fan mostly uses high-efficiency electromagnets. After connecting to the power supply, through the basic principle of electromagnetic effect, the drive pivot drives the fan blades to operate, which greatly reduces the frictional mechanical energy consumption caused by the operation of the fan. This also promotes the DC The noise emitted by a DC fan can be as low as 15 beeps, and the power consumption is only one-third of that of a traditional AC fan. The number of stages for adjusting the exhaust air volume is generally larger than that of an AC fan.


It's just that, DC fans are not completely flawless. First, the price is generally higher than that of AC fans. Although it saves electricity, it is a large project investment; secondly, if the design scheme is not good, DC The exhaust volume of the fan is likely to be more unstable, both of which are very common problems when purchasing.


AC Fan

Although there are more and more DC fans on the market, AC fans are still very competitive in consideration of price and cost. AC has the best actual effect of improving air convection because of its stable exhaust air volume. It is suitable for use in places with large indoor spaces such as restaurants, kitchens, and large living rooms, which are very hot.


The total number of fan blades of AC fans is generally only 3 to 5, and the number of adjustable sections of the exhaust volume is not as many as that of DC fans. Most of them only have 3 to 4 stages. Therefore, low-speed operation cannot be carried out. When the fan blades are operating The sound of wind cutting is also loud. People with insomnia are very likely to be awakened very easily. It is a defect that AC fans cannot get rid of. However, in terms of volume and net weight, AC fans are also simple in structure, so most of them are lighter than DC fans that must be transformed, and they are more convenient to move.


Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan

Although it is said that no matter what kind of fan, the power consumption is lower than that of air conditioners, but when buying AC fans, you can consider choosing products with "Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Mark". Although the actual power saving effect is still not as good as DC fans, at least they will Compared with the arrival of products of the same type, it saves resources.


If you need to purchase a large number of fans, or need to customize special specifications of cooling fans for your factory or equipment, please contact Suzhou Santian Precision Mold Co., Ltd.!