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Do you know the reason for the sudden impeller?

Time: 2021-06-09

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Do you know the reason for the sudden impeller?

Have there ever been impeller blades breakage? It seems that the water temperature of the car is too high and the water tank is boiling. The final result is that the water pump was removed and the impeller blades breakage on the water pump was removed and disappeared. What is this?

The structure of the automobile water pump is relatively simple. It is composed of an impeller, a casing and a water seal. The impeller is the core crystal of the water pump. It is generally made of plastic or plastic. There are usually 6 to 8 main points on the impeller. The main forms of damage are the impeller blades breakage and the leakage of the water seal, impeller blades breakage is the main damage factor of water pump.

Simply put, the main causes of damage to the water pump blades are as follows:

1.   The coolant filled in the cooling system is unqualified, or the coolant is not replaced for a long time. Nowadays, engines generally use antifreeze as the working medium of the cooling system. Antifreeze can not only prevent freezing, but also has anti-boiling, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion effects. It contains corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, colorants, anti-fungal agents, Various additives such as buffers can effectively prevent the corrosion of the metal matrix of the engine and the swelling of the water pipe. If the antifreeze used has poor corrosion resistance, or the antifreeze has been used for too long, the anti-corrosion additives in the antifreeze will be exhausted, and the antifreeze will corrode the pump impeller until the impeller is completely corroded. Many cars now require two years or 40,000 kilometers to replace the antifreeze, mainly for this reason.

2.   The cooling system does not use antifreeze but replaces it with ordinary water, which will also accelerate the damage of the water pump. Everyone knows that direct contact between water and metal will cause metal corrosion. If it is tap water or river water that has not been purified, the corrosion will be more serious, which will lead to rust and damage to the pump blades. In addition, the use of water instead of antifreeze will also produce scale, which will be deposited in the water tank and engine waterway, resulting in poor heat dissipation and even high temperature of the engine.

3.   Air enters the cooling system, causing cavitation to corrode the water pump blades. It can be seen from the working principle of the water pump that there are pressure changes on the water pump blades when the water pump is working. If the coolant contains air bubbles, this bubble will undergo a compression-expansion process, if it bursts during the expansion process , At the moment of rupture, a large impact force will be generated, which acts on the blade, and a large number of pits will be generated on the surface of the blade over time, which is the phenomenon of cavitation.

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