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What should I do if the vehicle cooling fan fails?

Time: 2020-07-20

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What should I do if the vehicle cooling fan fails?

Automobile cooling fan plays an important role in automobile cooling system, and its importance is equivalent to the human heart. If the car's cooling fan fails, it will cause a series of problems, such as: the cooling system cannot be cooled, the engine overheats, and other parts are damaged due to the high temperature of the engine.


What should I do when the vehicle cooling fan fails? Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. provides you with the following solutions.


Vehicle cooling fan

Vehicle cooling fan

1. Poor water temperature control

In the automobile cooling system, an electronic temperature-controlled starting cooling fan is mainly used. Generally, in the case of low water temperature, the water temperature sensor cannot transmit a signal to the generator in time, so that the generator cannot start the fan in time, which affects the rotation of the car's cooling fan.


Therefore, it is necessary to control the water temperature in the cooling system to ensure that the water temperature can turn on the car cooling fan at the first time the car is started, so as to dissipate the engine in time to avoid overheating damage to the engine.


2. Temperature control switch failure

As mentioned above, the normal start of the cooling fan requires the temperature sensor to transmit the signal to the motor before the cooling fan can be started. If the temperature control switch fails, it will not be able to transmit the signal, and the car cooling fan will naturally not start.


Therefore, if the water temperature reaches the start standard and the cooling fan cannot start, you can check whether the temperature control switch is faulty. If there is a fault, please replace the temperature control switch in time.


vehicle cooling fan

Vehicle cooling fan

3. The transformer is abnormal

The car cooling fan can start normally, but the cooling effect is not good. This may be due to the abnormality of the transformer in the car cooling system. The wind speed of the car cooling fan needs to be adjusted by the transformer. When the current inside the transformer is small, or the internal fault occurs, it will affect the operation of the cooling fan.


Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the current flowing through the transformer is within the normal range, you can use a current pen to test, please do not test directly by hand! ! ! If the passing current is normal, it indicates that there is a problem inside the transformer, and the transformer needs to be replaced to ensure the normal use of the car's cooling fan.


4. The failure of the vehicle cooling fan itself

In addition to the failure of other accessories, the car cooling fan itself will also have a failure. If there is too much dust or oil on the cooling fan of the car, it will be difficult to start, or even unable to start. Damage to the rotor or blades of the fan can also cause the car's cooling fan to not rotate.


Therefore, it is necessary to clean the car cooling fan in time, about once a year. If the rotor of the fan fails, only the rotor needs to be replaced. If the blade of the fan is damaged and cannot work normally, the entire cooling fan can only be replaced.


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